Chondrometrics GmbH provides expert consultation and image analysis service to academic researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. The strength of Chondrometrics, we believe, lies in the dedication and experience of its team of specialized researchers and readers, the profound integration with the scientific community, the rigorous scientific validation of its methodologies, and the transparency of its technology by publication in leading scientific journals.
At Chondrometrics, we value our clients as collaborators, react immediately to their requests and specific needs, provide validated scientific information, communicate promptly, and act with anticipation.

The service of Chondrometrics supports:

  • Clinical studies, investigating the efficacy of disease modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs) of other therapeutic approaches in osteoarthritis.
  • Animal studies, investigating the efficacy of DMOADs and other therapeutic approaches in OA.
  • Epidemiological studies, investigating the risk factors of OA incidence and progression.
  • Basic research studies, investigating functional adaptation and the biomechanics or articular tissues.
  • Technical development of image analysis software solutions for quantitative measurement of anatomical structures, including strategies for validating these measurements.

The service of Chondrometrics involves:

  • Consultation on study designs and MR image acquisition protocols
  • Quality checks or continuous monitoring of image acquisitions in multicenter studies
  • Segmentation of relevant anatomical structures in medical image data by its team of well-trained and highly experienced readers
  • Quality controls of all segmented images by a team of experts
  • Computation of 3D quantitative endpoints, including total joint structures and anatomically defined subregions
  • Delivery of quantitative endpoints to customer database in requested format
  • Consultation on interpretations of study results

The team of Chondrometrics includes:

Operational Management
Prof. Dr. Felix Eckstein, MD, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer, > CV
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Putz, MD, Vice President, > CV
Dr. Wolfgang Wirth, Chief Technology Officer , > CV
Dr. Susanne Maschek, PhD, Chief of Human Resources, Education, and Quality Control, > CV

Software Development, Quality Management, Data Base Management
Dr. Wolfgang Wirth
Dr. Torben Dannhauer

Training, Supervision, and Quality Control of Quantitative Readings
Dr. Susanne Maschek, PhD
Prof. Dr. Felix Eckstein, MD

Readers (Segmentation)
Gudrun Goldmann
Linda Jakobi
Susanne Maschek, PhD
Jana Daimer
Sabine Mühlsimer
Annette Thebis
Barbara Wehr, PhD
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